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Working from Home

There are all kinds of home-based businesses, including ones that are set up to fail. Scammers make appealing ¡ª but not always truthful ¡ª pitches for medical billing businesses, envelope stuffing schemes, and craft and assembly projects, knowing that many people must find ways to work from home.

Work-at-Home Offers

At-Home Medical Billing Businesses

Many medical billing business opportunities are worthless. Their promoters lie about their earnings potential and fail to provide key information.

Envelope-Stuffing Schemes

Offers that promise quick and easy income from stuffing envelopes at home virtually never pay off.

Telemarketing Resale Scams

Selling brand-name merchandise from home can be a great way to work-at-home making some extra money. But sometimes, fraudsters call to lure you into a resale proposition. They¡¯re the ones who make the money ¨C and they make it from you.??

Work-at-Home Businesses

Many work-at-home opportunities are promoted by scam artists. If you pay in, it¡¯s likely that you will spend more than you can earn.


Invention Promotion Firms

When you¡¯ve got a great idea, working with an invention promotion firm may have some pitfalls.